Sprint 2016 Field Trip Particulars

A friendly welcome:
The people at the front desk (including Hope, the manager) at the Hampton Inn in Atmore (Tel.: (251) 368-9090) have been very welcoming and accommodating. They will happily help coordinate plans, including refereeing of messages, providing ice for coolers, and other needs. We are all invited to make impromptu use of the Hampton Inn’s dining room/lounge area to visit informally and compare notes. I will notify the front desk of my whereabouts on days when I embark to scout habitats.

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Spring 2016 Field Trip Details

Field trip particulars

A. Expected participants: Our planned field meeting (Apr. 29-May 2) is open to everyone on a drop-in basis. No pre-registration or other steps are needed in the days leading up to your arrival in the Atmore area. This means that the list of e-mail recipients above is not definitive: it includes people I’ve been assured will attend, others who will try to attend, and others who may join us at the last minute. Please encourage nature-loving friends to attend!
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Spring Field Trip To The Florida-Alabama Border — April 29 – May 2, 2016

To first-time visitors, the Panhandle of Florida is a world apart. More species of carnivorous plants are found there than anywhere else in the country: 30 species of nitrogen-hungry flesh-eaters gape at the sky. Exotic wetland floras are juxtaposed abruptly against pure-white sand dunes and beaches.

Please plan to participate in one or all of the three days and nights of photography and collecting we have planned, one week before Mothers’ Day. Kind permission has been extended to SLS members and friends by land managers in the area to explore, all day and into the night, the flora and lepidopteran fauna so unique to these areas.

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Southern Lepidopterists’ News

The Southern Lepidopterists’ News is published four times annually. The subscription cost is included in the annual membership dues.

SLS News Your society encourages submission of short articles. Anything of interest to you is likely to be of interest to the rest of us! Observations on behavior or life history, field trip reports, collecting experiences, etc. are all welcome.

Abbot Award

The Southern Lepidopterists’ Society’s Annual John Abbot Award


The Abbot Award is awarded annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to our understanding of the Lepidoptera of the Southern region of the U.S. These contributions can include, but are not limited to, research, publication, fostering public awareness and other projects. This person is chosen from a list of nominees by vote of the membership. The Abbot award was created to recognize the efforts of nominated individuals, major contributors to the knowlege of Lepidoptera fauna in the United States, with particular emphasis on the south, though not necessarily restricted to the region.

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Elected Officers of the Southern Lepidopterists’ Society
John Douglass
Toledo, OH
Jeffrey R. Slotten
Gainesville, FL
Donald Stillwaugh
Safety Harbor, FL
Membership Coordinator
Marc Minno
Gainesville, FL
News Editor
J. Barry Lombardini
Lubbock, TX
James Adams
Calhoun, GA
Website Manager
Dave Morgan
Atlanta, GA
Eric Anderson
Gainesville, FL