Southern Lepidopterists’ News

The Southern Lepidopterists’ News is published four times annually. The subscription cost is included in the annual membership dues.

SLS News Your society encourages submission of short articles. Anything of interest to you is likely to be of interest to the rest of us! Observations on behavior or life history, field trip reports, collecting experiences, etc. are all welcome.



Officers of the Southern Lepidopterists’ Society
John Hyatt
Kingsport, TN
Jeffrey R. Slotten
Gainesville, FL
Secretary pro tem
Charles Watson
Kingsport, TN
Membership Coordinator
Marc Minno
Gainesville, FL
News Editor
Barry Lombardini
Lubbock, TX
James Adams
Calhoun, GA
Website Manager
Dave Morgan
Atlanta, GA
Matt Blaine
Laurel, DE
Peter Van Zandt
Birmingham, AL