Association for Tropical Lepidoptera and Southern Lepidopterists’ Society 2004 Annual Meeting Program

McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity and Florida State Collection of Arthropods Gainesville, Florida September 17-19, 2004

Program Chairman: Thomas C. Emmel

Friday, September 17

8-5 PM
FSCA Lepidoptera collections open to viewing at the Doyle Connor building (John Heppner, Curator). Evening moth collecting (contact Jeff Slotten if desired)

Saturday, September 18
McGuire Center (Powell Classroom)

8-8:30 AM
Reception / late Registration
8:30-9:30 AM
Guided tour through the McGuire Center (Thomas Emmel and Staff)

Morning Session
Moderator: Jacqueline Y. Miller

9:35 AM
Overview of Lepidoptera Biodiversity Patterns in Mexico
Jacqueline Y. and Lee D. Miller
10 AM
Biodiversity Studies on Mexican Hesperioidea
Andrew D. Warren
10:45-11 AM
Break for Conversation and Refreshments
11:05 AM
Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea) of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico, with Additional Records for the High Forest
Carmen Pozo
11:25 AM
Hotspots for Mexican Saturniidae
Manuel Balcazar
11:50 AM
An Aldabra Tour
Jay C. Shaffer
12:20 PM
Group Photo
12:30-1:30 PM
Buffet sandwich lunch at McGuire Center

Afternoon Session
Moderator: Robert Beiriger

1:30 PM
Phaon Crescent Butterfly: Biology and Rearing on a Synthetic Diet
James L. Nation
1:55 PM
Sounds Produced by Heliconius Adults: a New Kind of Acoustic Communication?
Mirian Medina Hay-Roe
2:20 PM
Encounters at a Butterfly Conservatory
Alan Chin-Lee
2:45 PM
Update on the Conservation and Reintroduction of the Miami Blue
Jaret Daniels and Thomas Emmel
3:10-3:25 PM
Break for refreshments
3:25 PM
Life History of the Dusky Roadside Skipper (Amblyscirtes alternate)
Jeff R. Slotten and Marc C. Minno
3:45 PM
Conservation of a Declining Butterfly: The Arogos Skipper
Mac C. Minno and Maria Minno
4:05 PM
Unusual Butterflies Observed in Florida: 2004
Marc C. Minno
4:25 PM
Exciting New Records for Georgia Lepidoptera
James K. Adams
4:45 PM
A Forty-year History of the Kentucky Lepidoptera Survey
Charles V. Covell
5:05 PM
A Glimpse into the Production of “The Natural History of the Rare Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia, 1797”
John Calhoun

Evening Program

6:00 PM
Cocktails / Voodoo Restaurant
Door Prizes
7:00 PM
Banquet / Voodoo Restaurant
Banquet Address: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Larva”
Andrei Sourakov

Sunday, September 19
McGuire Center (Powell Classroom)

9-10 AM
Annual Business Meetings (separate for ATL and SLS)

Morning Session
Moderator: Charles Covell

10 AM
The Schaus Swallowtail Story: View After Twenty Years
Thomas C. Emmel and Jaret C. Daniels
10:20 AM
Adventures with Homerus Swallowtails in Jamaica
Matt Lehnert
10:40 AM
Survival, Intrapopulation Movement, and Population Biology of the Subalpine Butterfly Parnassius smintheus (Papilionidae)
David Duncan
11 AM
What’s for Dinner: A Look at the Role of Phytochemicals in Butterfly Diets
Gary N. Ross