State Of The Organization For 2009

[Reprinted from Southern Lepidopterists’ News Vol. 30 No. 4]

As you may have noticed, the Southem Lepidopterists’ News changed in appearance starting with Volume 30 No. 3. This is due to our previous printer going out of business. From newspapers to mom and pop shops, printers are having trouble making ends meet due to the Intemet and desktop publishing. Our Editor, Barry Lombardini, had to do some quick searching to find a reasonably priced replacement. I think that you will agree that the quality of the print and the clarity of the photography have improved. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a cost increase for the publication of the newsletter. We appear to be able to cover the cost of publication and postage in the near term due to carry over from previous years (see the financial report elsewhere in this issue), however, in the next year we could be operating at a deficit unless we come up with some novel ways to reduce costs or increase funds. Postage alone accounts for forty percent of the cost. Our sustaining, contributing and benefactor members are helping and greatly appreciated, but any additional donations would be welcome. We would prefer not to increase the dues as this is usually counterproductive to the overall number of active members. I will be asking the Board Members to consider application for tax exempt status. This would save 8.5% that is presently going to our publisher for state taxes. I’m sure that we will revisit the idea of an online edition as well.

As approved by the attending members at the 2008 Annual Meeting, a plaque has been presented to Barry Lombardini in appreciation for the fine work he is doing as our Editor.

Plans are in the works for a Board Meeting early in 2009 to discuss tax exemption status for the organization, The John Abbot Award, election of Board Members for 2010, funding of the SL News and to set a date and place for the 2009 Annual Meeting.

Please consider volunteering to serve your organization as a Board Member in 2010. You may call me at (724) 443-5718, email to or write to 610 Greenspring Dr., Gibsonia, PA 15044 to offer your services. A nominating committee will be formed in the near future to begin searching for potential Board Members. If you are not familiar with the job requirements, please visit the website: and click on the Constitution.